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Penny Countertop

Posted by Derek Greene on

I wanted a penny countertop for our brand new store….

I hated every minute of making it.

I’ll never make another one.

But it was so worth it!

I wanted a rustic chic look for the new store, and I wanted the cash register counter to be a conversation piece.Every display in the store is something refurbished.A penny countertop would be perfect.

It’s not excessive or wasteful.Imagine how much you’d spend on a countertop people actually notice and talk about.But this only cost pennies, epoxy (and a lot of frustration).Everyone at the factory chipped in some pennies, so they’ll always be a part of the story.  Our shipping manager built the frame to look like a pallet.

This is six feet long, and being stubborn I tried to make it without gluing each of the 3,072 pennies….I was wrong.Any movement caused 6 feet of pennies to slide.Plus I made some patterns with the shiny pennies, making it even more tedious.Then one of my young kids took one out and slid one side entirely out of place!

When it was time to brush the epoxy, I poured the ingredients into a pitcher and brushed my base coat over the pennies.I put the lid on the pitcher….big mistake.Within 20 minutes the epoxy was yellow, hard as a rock, and smoking!I was afraid the pitcher would melt!

This was a Friday.I went back to True Value (the only store here that carries it) to get more; they were sold out except for a small pack.After a few hours I poured the only epoxy I had but there were pits I couldn’t fill!And as it was drying, a bumblebee bore a hole in the rafters and I had sawdust stuck in the epoxy!

I had to wait until the next truck to get more, another small pack.I tried to fill the gaps, but the top still looked inconsistent!Finally a big shipment of epoxy came in, and I was able to get the look I wanted.

But now it’s done, it stops everyone in their tracks, and it captures a moment in time.  Stop by our store and check it out!  And check out our website, HERE.